Camelo Leather -  Our Story

Brand Profile

At Camelo Leather Co., we are dedicated to designing and producing leather bags and accessories, made especially for men. We have a legacy of over 30 years in the mastery of leather goods. 

We embrace the manufacturing tradition and new technologies, creating products which maintain their classic spirit and at the same time, celebrating contemporary living with its functionality and style.

We work as a family and place our knowledge to achieve perfection, ensuring that each piece we create, will last over time.

We look towards the future and apply what we have learnt during our journey. Today, we feel very excited to be able to share our stories which make us proud Colombians. 

For those customers who choose a Camelo piece, our aim is for them to make each piece an integral part of their own story, bringing with it, their own achievements as well as inheriting that wisdom  which, only life itself gives us. 

What we believe in: 

Contemporary Handcrafted:

Our senses allow us to preserve the technique , technology allows to perfect the design.

Handcrafted Heritage:

We chose leather as our option, developing a close bond with leather and our own hands. Over time, we learnt not to take shortcuts in order to achieve perfection. Today, we honor that wisdom which has guided us towards new directions. 

Affection towards luxury:

For us, luxury means keeping hold of things in a timeless manner.