This is Camelo´s essence


This is Camelo's Essence

The Camelo´s essence was born when its founder, Ricardo Camelo, discovered that working with leather was his passion. With patience, effort and dedication, he started to learn about each fragment of every piece that makes up the brand and started to gain experience from the artisan techniques, to the complex avant-garde technologies which turned him into an expert leather craftsman. 

His love for perfection, his taste for small details and the joy of being close to his family, were the generators which led this Colombian businessman to follow his visionary dream. His wife, Luisa Fernanda, backbone of the family and of the business, quickly joined this project, contributing with her love and discipline, guiding this atelier to the magnitude to which it has become today.  

The atelier changed places several times and their sons, Ivan and Gabriel, their first two children, spent many a holiday hammering away, cutting hides, sowing and especially, getting a real sense for this artisan tradition. 

In 2012, the success of this first stage was recognized when Ministers and journalists awarded Ricardo, Luisa Fernanda and all of those who made up the business with the the distinction of the “Country's Best Exporters” , acknowledging their strict compliance and high quality, allowing them to compete and be successful in the demanding international markets. 

A new motivation arrived around that time; Maria Fernanda, their youngest daughter, who inspired the founders, to weather storms and to keep believing in the success of their business.

Later, both of their sons joined the family business; firstly Ivan, with his talent for business administration; followed by Gabriel, a few years later, with his sensitivity towards art and creativity. 

Thanks to the solidity of the workshop, the benefit obtained in the context of the international market and a generational relay, the second stage of the business arrived: the launch of Camelo Leather Co. a brand with products that seek to inherit the traditions of craftsmanship and that are complemented by a high-end technological innovation; these exceptional pieces, with harmonious tanning, uniform thickness, impeccable seams, beauty in every detail and defined structures, recall the clean and fine lines of modern architecture.  In the end, you get classic designs, designed for the modern man.

The next chapter of this family history intends to give continuity to the choice of full grain leather with great care, as well as the creation of classic designs for the contemporary man of today and the legacy of the knowledge of a family which for two generations has been dedicated to the beautiful and traditional work of leather manufacturing.