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Our exclusive camouflaged leathers give a modern, urban, tactical and unique look. Cross the line of normality and risk trying them. Our Mini Pouch is the smallest in the family, the one we should always carry with us. A Pouch of a small size that allows us to use it in a multifunctional way and fits everywhere.

It can be used as a mini wallet, with its strap function, where you can store documents, money and objects that we do not want to have exposed. In addition, it can be used on the belt to store headphones, medicine, money, makeup, etc. And finally it can be used as a purse and wallet inside a larger briefcase, simply a bag you won't be able to part with.


  • Padded main compartment with zipper closure.
  • 3 spaces for cards and documents
  • Adjustable and removable leather strap.
  • Back with belt loop.
  • Camelo Leather Co. Urban Belt. in nylon strap with metallic clasp * additional


11,5CM X 12,5CMX 2CM

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